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Tips for Responsive Web Designing

Tips for Responsive Web Designing

Responsive Web Designing

Mobile web is growing at a faster pace and has become a crucial part of businesses these days. Almost every firm wants their website to be optimized for mobile handsets. This is because people spend most of their time on smart phones. They are the most readily available source to access any information people want. So a mobile optimized website reaches to a larger customer base and hence generates more revenue.
In web designing and development, it is not possible every time to keep up with the unending new devices and resolutions. For various websites, developing a website version for each new device and resolution is nearly impossible. This is where a responsive web design comes in.
A responsive web design refers to an approach that proposes that your web design and development should be adaptive and respond to the visitor’s behavior and surroundings depending on platform, screen size and orientation. The approach comprises of a combination of flexible grids and layouts, pictures and appropriate use of CSS media queries. A responsive website is one which gets easily accomodated to the image size, resolution and scripting abilities as soon as the user switches from a laptop to an iPad. There are few points to be kept in mind while creating a responsive web design:

Ensure that users get the same quality of browsing experience

First and foremost thing to keep in mind while developing a responsive web design is to make sure that the site is so built that the navigation experience is perfectly the same for all visitors across the board. This means a user browsing your site through their desktop should get the same browsing experience as a visitor accessing it through their tablet or smart phone.

Consider responsiveness while designing your website

Keep in mind that your site layout and HTML codes should be as simple as possible and use simple mechanisms for the elemnts such as menu options and navigation. Also use HTML5 guidelines and doctype and a user-friendly overall core layout.

You should avoid things like useless absolute positioning and fancy Javascript or Flash elements that will make your site too complicated.

Focus on your breakpoints

Resolutions can be taken in the form of groups of breakpoints, however there are many major sizes that one needs to focus on rather than any other. These are - <768 px (which is perfect for big smartphones and small tablets), < 480 px (whic is ideal for older, smaller screen sizes and smartphones and >768 px which is applicable for bigger screens such as that of desktop and tablets. These are some of the main breakpoints to be focussed.

Make the images flexible

You can incorporate flexible images in your simple web design. This can be easily done by using adaptive resizing and sizing their width. There are different methods to acheive this but using tools like Adaptive Images is one of the simplest methods.

Compress your site elements and content for easy transmission

Use programs like GZIP for compressing your page resources to ensure easy transmission across different networks. This will lower the number of bytes transmitted per page or element thereby making your content easy to browse and access from electronic gadgest with different or low bandwith. Moreover, you can also remove unnecessary white space and line breaks in order to speed up the things.

Remove unnecessary content

Remove any non-essential content that are not meant to be used in a mobile context in order to make a mobile friendly responsive web design.
These are only few important points to consider when creating a responsive design. If you want your website to function properly you need to develop it in such a way that it can work quickly on devices with small processing power, low resolution and weak bandwidth access.

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