Thursday, August 7, 2014

Look for Proficient Windows App Development Companies

Nowadays, with the rise in use of smart phones, there are various mobile applications developed on different platforms, such as blackberry, Google and many others. These apps have gained huge popularity and have helped many businesses gain more exposure and create brand awareness among large audience. It is one of the fastest and effective means to reach the potential clients with less effort and without burning your pocket. Android and windows app development services is usually preferred by small companies as they can easily inform their clients about the products, services, special offers and upcoming events. It not only helps in attracting more customers but also retaining them for a long term.

With windows app development, companies can get all the feedback from their customers, which help them improve their business as well as keep in touch with their customers so that they feel special to receive a customized message or offer from the company. With the help of Blackberry, Symbian, Apple App and Google Play Store and through social social networks such as facebook and twitter, the companies will be able to target large market, which will help them expand their business. Mobile applications has other features, like analysis of apps, push notifications and GPS coupons. Small businesses, such as employment agencies, restaurants, health care centers, law firms, NGOs, Realtors and other sectors are benefiting to a great extent through these apps.

Mobile apps have played an instrumental role in bridging the gap between businesses and customers. With the help of these apps, the customers can also keep a track of the activities with the particular firm through their mobile apps. Windows app development companies in Bangalore help small and medium sized companies to collect contacts of potential clients and use them for marketing campaigns. They offer their clients with one touch and easy to use applications, such as web URL, calling customer service, GPS direction, messaging and email to contact the company.

One of the benefits of windows app development is user familiarity which makes it easy and convenient for the user. Also, installing windows app improves the productivity as they contain short cuts which help carry out the task quickly and with ease. It also helps in increasing the sales of retail companies. It helps in knowing what most of the customers prefer, which helps to build good customer relationship. Another great benefit is that it can be utilized to run customized reports from the database, which helps to find customers who are loyal and those who are not. This will assist the business to know what problems are their customers facing so that they can solve it immediately.

Windows app development companies are in great demand as the apps have great features and functionalities that help the business run efficiently without having to invest a huge amount. However, it is very important that you look for a reliable company the offers best services and which ensures great returns.

Fomax is a leading company that offers excellent software development services and information technology services. They offer systems integration, consulting and outsourcing solutions to the customers of all businesses. The company relies on leading technology practices, functional expertise and innovative global delivery model to assist customers revolutionize their business practices and achieve business objectives. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Impact of BYOD 2.0 on Enterprises in 2014

The pace at which technological advancements are taking place clearly shows that the current technology will become a thing of the past within few months of its launch in the market. Such a fast trend shift is much prevalent in the mobile devices industry. The technological enhancements in mobile devices are giving rise to new opportunities for users and challenges for enterprises.

The computational tasks which were once performed by supercomputers that occupied larger space are now being performed by a palm-size smartphones. These smartphones are capable of performing most powerful tasks that we can imagine. These technological innovations have been consistently taking place in the past and will continue in the future. The advent of iPads and iPhones have disrupted the market by completely changing the working style and thus the concept of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) evolved. The BYOD concept poses many challenges within the enterprises.

The much talked about Google Glass which is ready to be launched in 2014, the recently introduced Smart-watches and many such technological inventions which are all set to be introduced might cause further disruptions that results in BYOD 2.0. So how enterprises are going to deal with BYOD 2.0? Mobile Device Diversity and Management is one of the top 10 strategic technology trends for 2014. This is a safety measure recommended by the analyst suggesting enterprises to actively adapt the change. Presently, companies are managing a host of devices which includes tablets and smartphones. Additionaly, wearable gadgets will further create more challenges for IT teams to manage a diveristy of devices.

With the introduction of new gadgets in the market, security concerns holds paramount importance for enterprises. Elements such as virus threats, device hacking and mismanagement of devices will continue acting as a channel for data leakage. On the contrary, IT departments cannot prevent wide array of devices in the company premises because employees who have been using smartphones in the past will surely remain open to the next wave of inventions and expect their employees to allow the use of new devices for work.

So, how to deal with the situation?

Though there has been dynamic developments in mobile device ecosystem, the basic principles still remain the same. Hence it becomes important for IT departments to come up with strong policies, create awareness, define device limitations and tweak policies to accommodate next-gen devices. Some of the steps that can help IT teams to reduce the risks of BYOD 2.0 are:

Set expectations

In order to adapt the new technology, it is better to set expectations depending on the roles and IT requirements of the employee for using the device. This helps organizations in quickly streamlining the correct set of users, ensure effective productivity at work and data security.


Policies are crucial for companies as they define the rights and responisibilities of the IT department and the employees, in protecting the interest of the company and employees. In order to come up with effective legal policy, the law team must ensure that the policies are in sync with the local laws in maintaining right degree of privacy levels and make sure that policies are implemented.

Educate employees on BYOD

The IT department should conduct educational sessions on the significance of BYOD and how it can benefit employees. It is cricital to achieve a mutual understanding between the IT team and the end user due to consumerization. The IT people must create awareness about the steps involved in BYOD lifecycle from self-registration to device retirement.

Choosing a right Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software

The saying one-size-fits-all does not go well with mobile device management as every organization has varied needs. Generally, MDM vendors offer standard mobile device management features while some provide advanced features that might not be suitable for few companies. Some enterprises seek only basic MDM features while others may look for Enterprise Mobility Management or an Integrated Desktop and Mobile Device Management functionality – whatever is required to fulffil the MDM demands and for data security.

Consider following points before choosing MDM software:

  • Prepare a checklist of MDM vendors who provide support for recent platforms or products
  • Prepare a checklist that suits the features with your MDM requirements
  • Analyze MDM vendors with respect to market presence and experience

Both BYOD and BYOD 2.0 have their share of risks, but ignoring the opportunities that they offer will be even a bigger stupidity. IT teams need to be proactive in actively embracing the new innovations and be prepared to face the risks in future.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Boost Your Business With Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management 

The use of electronic gadgets, apps and cellular devices is increasing day by day. Today the world has become more app-friendly incorporating all kinds of smart phones and web-enabled gadgets. It has become nearly impossible for businesses to promote their products and services and reach their target markets to gain bountiful profits without the use of these advanced applications.   

Enterprise Mobility has become an important part of business organizations irrespective of its nature, size and purpose. As every firm wants to stay connected with its customers, it helps in gaining maximum advantage of mobile solutions. Enterprise mobility has revolutionized the traditional business processes. Organizations need to identify how they can deploy this technology in their firm to  reap maximum benefits.

Enterprise mobility can have great impact on crucial business choices. For example, many firms use several mobile apps to make their processes more efficient and resourceful. They can predict and be prepared to face any unforeseen situations with the help of these apps. They can also interact with their clients in a better way. Mobile apps also help organizations in making better business strategies.  

Increased Productivity, Greater Flexibility
Many employees prefer working from home. Enterprise mobility helps them with efficient means to give their 100%. A firm using the enterprise mobility solutions can  observe a considerable rise in its employees' efficiency.

The objective of enterprise mobility is not to put an end to the office culture but to create a dynamic, mobile and efficient work environment.  This way employees will remain connected with each other irrespective of the place where they are.

Enterprise Mobility Management – Select the Best Features
Below given are a few points that can help you boost your profits utilizing the best mobile apps:

Exclusive Promotional Deals
Give special rewards to people who can make the best use of mobile app. This is the best way to boost your sales. You can also run exclusive promotions, coupons, discounts and other offers. This will give you an opportunity to attract larger number of clients and increase your sales. 

Develop an app that serves a niche
Get a mobile app that in addition to serving a particular niche also resolves a problem. Many people prefer to deploy apps that enhances their productivity, are informative and helps them achieve their objective. One should think from the customer's perspective while designing a perfect app. 

Mobile Payments
Today customers have become quite smart and seek reliable and efficient sources to make their payments. Mobile payments allow customers to make efficient use of their smart phones.

Allow your clients to interact
Your customer is an important part of your business. Allow them to interact with your firm freely. This will help in bridging the gap and making them more loyal.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

How Can Mobile App Development Drive and Automate Business Processes

Smartphones and tablet computers are entirely changing the way people run their lives. There appears to be an application for almost every facet of our individual life. Now, more and more apps development company in Bangalore are developing mobile apps for employees and customers alike.

But developing a software program for today’s diverse IT landscape is quite an uphill task. Developers must often work with multiple technologies, highly distributed environments and computing networks often built on a hybrid infrastructure combining legacy systems with newer ones. Add the pressure to develop applications for the growing range of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices is tremendous. 

Mobile apps are being used to speed up daily tasks, activities and ultimately drive efficiency and save costs. With Mobile application development assisting in getting improved margins, corporate around the globe are embracing this most recent technical advancement.

Mobile application development services have streamlined corporate processes incredibly, minimizing costs and helping enterprises to accomplish their goals and increase revenue by up to 70 %. The opportunity to deploy mobile applications for venture professional processes will certainly alter in the following a couple of years. Rapidly establishing mobile innovation, a rush of fast consumer, will certainly migrate to enterprise usage this technology earlier than later.

Structure and delivering excellent mobile experiences will certainly be the pivotal point of your customer engagement strategy for the next 10 years. The difficulty of making an easy, intuitive application that fronts an intricate device of involvement will certainly stretch the abilities and swamp the resources of most companies.

In deploying the mobile applications, the target audience ought to be specified effectively. The biggest target for mobile applications is job workers and execs, where apps development company in Bangalore help in automating their routine jobs. With mobile apps development services attracting so much interest of late, the concern facing venture specialists is less about where we are today with mobile application, however rather where we are going.

Benefits of mobile applications

Mobile applications could provide your team, and clients on-the-spot access to the required information, permit them to enter in details directly through your application, and avoid having inputting the info manually, which usually causes delays and mistakes. These are some compelling reasons just how mobile app development streamlines business processes effectively.

As market demand surges for apps to run on iOS, Android and other operating systems, following the surge of smart gadgets, companies are facing a shortage of mobile apps developer. For IT specialists with programming abilities, that gap represents a fresh opportunity to embark on a new career as application developer. Application Developers who fully recognize the restraints and the chances paid for by the smaller real property and touch user interfaces of the wise gadget platform are in high demand.

While there are enough pools of web and Java development ability, specialists with proficiency building native apps for Apple's iPhone or iPad, or for the BlackBerry or any of the more recent Android devices, are in short supply as these platforms are relatively new.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

A Guide to Outsourcing the Services of a Software Development Company

Today, software development has become essential for running a successful business. In the absence of software development services one cannot expect to take his/her business to next level. For a software program to give 100% results, it is necessary to choose a reputed software development company. One has to be very careful while hiring one. 

There are a number of software development companies offering software services across the world. We must hire one that has good reputation and working portfolio in the market. First thing before searching for a good firm is to decide your budget. As some firms have budget constraints, they prefer hiring offshore software development company. 

An offshore software development company helps businesses to save a considerable amount of money on software development without compromising on the quality of the program. The amount saved can be used for flourishing in the competitive market. Also, outsourcing allows the business owners to focus on their business development and core competencies rather than wasting time in setting up their business processes. 

By hiring the offshore services of a software development company, businesses can mitigate their risk  as they share the responsibility of managing important business applications. Moreover, offshore development companies work faster than the vendor companies in home countries because of different time zones. They provide support and maintenance services even after the deployment of the project to remove bugs from the software program completely.

Before hiring software development services, it is necessary to know which software solution you are looking for? Is it for finance or data management or client tracking. Depending on your needs start your search. Ask for the portfolio of the company to know whether it has worked on such projects earlier or not. Also tell them about the time frame and your budget in which you want the project to be delivered. Keep tracking the progress of the development to ensure that the program is delivered on time.

A reputed global software development company will listen to your requirements and will customize the software program to address all your needs. They will be clear on the clauses included in the deal and will stick to the deadline. 

About Fomax
Fomax is a premiere global software development company, offering offshore services such as systems integration, consulting and outsourcing solutions to the customers of all verticals. The company relies on leading technology practices, functional expertise and innovative global delivery model to assist customers revolutionize their business practices and achieve business objectives. 

Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips for Responsive Web Designing

Tips for Responsive Web Designing

Responsive Web Designing

Mobile web is growing at a faster pace and has become a crucial part of businesses these days. Almost every firm wants their website to be optimized for mobile handsets. This is because people spend most of their time on smart phones. They are the most readily available source to access any information people want. So a mobile optimized website reaches to a larger customer base and hence generates more revenue.
In web designing and development, it is not possible every time to keep up with the unending new devices and resolutions. For various websites, developing a website version for each new device and resolution is nearly impossible. This is where a responsive web design comes in.
A responsive web design refers to an approach that proposes that your web design and development should be adaptive and respond to the visitor’s behavior and surroundings depending on platform, screen size and orientation. The approach comprises of a combination of flexible grids and layouts, pictures and appropriate use of CSS media queries. A responsive website is one which gets easily accomodated to the image size, resolution and scripting abilities as soon as the user switches from a laptop to an iPad. There are few points to be kept in mind while creating a responsive web design:

Ensure that users get the same quality of browsing experience

First and foremost thing to keep in mind while developing a responsive web design is to make sure that the site is so built that the navigation experience is perfectly the same for all visitors across the board. This means a user browsing your site through their desktop should get the same browsing experience as a visitor accessing it through their tablet or smart phone.

Consider responsiveness while designing your website

Keep in mind that your site layout and HTML codes should be as simple as possible and use simple mechanisms for the elemnts such as menu options and navigation. Also use HTML5 guidelines and doctype and a user-friendly overall core layout.

You should avoid things like useless absolute positioning and fancy Javascript or Flash elements that will make your site too complicated.

Focus on your breakpoints

Resolutions can be taken in the form of groups of breakpoints, however there are many major sizes that one needs to focus on rather than any other. These are - <768 px (which is perfect for big smartphones and small tablets), < 480 px (whic is ideal for older, smaller screen sizes and smartphones and >768 px which is applicable for bigger screens such as that of desktop and tablets. These are some of the main breakpoints to be focussed.

Make the images flexible

You can incorporate flexible images in your simple web design. This can be easily done by using adaptive resizing and sizing their width. There are different methods to acheive this but using tools like Adaptive Images is one of the simplest methods.

Compress your site elements and content for easy transmission

Use programs like GZIP for compressing your page resources to ensure easy transmission across different networks. This will lower the number of bytes transmitted per page or element thereby making your content easy to browse and access from electronic gadgest with different or low bandwith. Moreover, you can also remove unnecessary white space and line breaks in order to speed up the things.

Remove unnecessary content

Remove any non-essential content that are not meant to be used in a mobile context in order to make a mobile friendly responsive web design.
These are only few important points to consider when creating a responsive design. If you want your website to function properly you need to develop it in such a way that it can work quickly on devices with small processing power, low resolution and weak bandwidth access.

About Fomax

Fomax is premiere global offshore software development and information technology company, providing consulting, systems integration and outsourcing solutions to the clients of various industries. It thrives on advanced technology practices, intense industry and functional expertise and an innovative, global delivery model to help businesses revolutionize their performance and business-processes. To know more about our services visit Fomax

Friday, January 10, 2014

Challenges and opportunities in app development

An application development company is one of few companies which realize the potential of mobile revolution fairly early. A good app development company provides a range of high quality and creative mobile applications for clients across the globe. They are staffed with a team of professional application developers, team of developers, project supervisors, and innovation consultants supply Mobile Application Advancement remedies.

The majority of apps development company in Bangalore are leaders and guarantee higher consumer fulfillment by supplying the applications a lot faster, cheaper. They involve clients though out development life-cycle allowing them to test the app before the delivery and incorporate comments and adjustments to application to ensure it matches their expectations.

The application developer team is focused on ingenuity and technology in addition to technological proficiency to supply high quality, effective, efficient and user-friendly applications that meet our clients assumptions. The application developer staffed with company in Bangalore have considerable experience in creating applications for Apple iOS and android system, Windows and Blackberry gadgets. The extremely efficient designers are an important part of your business growth technique and style the application which will provide momentum to your business. Many application company in Bangalore recognize ideal remedy for your business and create high quality mobile Applications. An app company in Bangalore explore all opportunities of mobility and recommend a best solution for you. 

Windows Mobile Application Development: With windows 8 platform Microsoft has ensured an exact same experience in desktop and mobiles and has actually integrated with other software. This makes Windows mobile a simple fit in present enterprise software globe and has most definitely helped to acquire some mileage. The Windows Mobile Application development team in Bangalore will ensure a seamless combination with company globe and extract the comprehensive use Microsoft supplies to your apps.

iOS Application Development: Exceptional and ingenious customer experience makes Apple gadgets some of the most widely used gadgets. 

Android Application Development: According to the mobile sector research, 500 million Android gadgets will be turned on and the number will keep rising to 1 million daily. Additionally as an open source OS, devices from wide range of rates and choices are available in the market. This makes Android a first choice for lots of business to communicate to their target consumers.

Fomax is a leading firm offering mobile website development Bangalore. Various other mobile application advancement plans supplied by the company are:  iphone Application Development, Android Development, Blackberry Development, Windows Mobile Development and Symbian Development.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

FOMAX - A leading name to give competitive edge to your business

In recent times, mobile phones and applications have received immense popularity. Already, a smart phone is not just limited to make telephone calls. With the advent of mobile app development, people and companies have actually started developing innovative and creative apps which provide facilities such as email, browsing, games, faxing, wireless information services and graphics. Taking into account the transformation with mobile devices, the demand of mobile app developers has also increased.  

Mobile application developers incorporate various aspects to create software applications and programs. Different companies have started showing inclination towards business applications and most of them have begun hiring developers to get their requirements fulfilled.   A few of the popular mobile software options are internet applications, games and interactive solutions for companies throughout different platforms of technology.  There are a couple of things you need to take into account before deciding on a particular mobile application. 


Cellphone applications differ from platform to platform and there cannot be one application that is compatible to all platforms. Different mobile companies have different platforms to develop apps and specific apps work on certain technologies only. For eg.  An iPhone app is not compatible to work on a Blackberry or a Windows platform.  Thus it is necessary to choose a suitable platform to develop a mobile before starting the mobile app development. 

Client Base

Before hiring a mobile application developer, you must figure out the type of audience you desire to target at. Then depending on your target market you should decide whether you want to develop app for business mobile applications or individual consumers. It is advisable for a  mobile application developer to devise a work plan, decide a design and a technology for your mobile software application.

Budget & Timing

Before you start working with mobile application development, you have to consider the development  cost and the time required to develop the app. You can also check the apps used by the competitors as well as their pricing startegy. In order to get the best out of your investment, you should launch your app at the correct time.  No matter where you outsource your application development, you need to ensure that the application is created within the pre-decided timeline.


Wireless devices have brought a reform in the way mobile phones are being used.  Companies are now getting interesting apps, which are innovative and one-of-a-kind. The entire purpose of mobile application development is to tap the clients. Businesses need effective mobile phone applications, which offer a host of services featuring browsing, gaming, enjoyment, search and numerous more. Mobile application designers could create, develop and tailor the application in conformity to the customer needs. These are specialists who have the technical and also the useful expertise to do basic and challenging activities. To conclude with, one can access the world with any sort of portable device today.

FOMAX is a premiere global offshore software development and information technology company offering systems integration, consulting and outsourcing services to businesses of all verticals. We are pioneers in providing comprehensive solutions to meet the challenges of business environment. Our offerings include mobile application development, web services, SEO services, Testing services and Software services. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses: Trends to Follow

If you are under an impression that the age of mobile devices will soon go away then this could be the biggest mistake of your life.

Infact, mobile devices are gradually replacing the desktops. And to the utmost surprise, most of the web activity in 2013 is expected to drive in through mobile devices. Majority of web development and application development companies have reported that most of the onlinetraffic is coming through mobile devices. And this shows the increasing trend of mobile devices and its capabilities.

So, what startegy should small businesses follow in order to remain competitive? Mentioned below are the five trends that small companies should consider while deciding on their mobile strategy:

Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses

1) Mobile will be mostly used for local searches

Mobile phones are mostly used for performing local searches, which means, to find information in the neighbouring locality or within the user's zip code. Thus, mobile strategy of a small firm should be majorly oriented towards local users.

local searches

Firms should optimize their mobile websites for local zip codes and names of the neighbourhood. Also ensure that the information provided on some of the popular geographical search results such as Yelp, Google, etc. is accurate. Lastly, make sure that your address, directions to your address and your local map is easy to access.

2) People generally seek the help of mobile devices for video content

Mobile devices are mostly used to fetch video content rather than text heavy content. Video content is more popular on mobile devices due to its increasing video quality and data connection speeds. Firms can create simple videos relevant to their businesses and upload for mobile use.

Create a simple introductory video that can be played from the homepage of your website. It is even better to present a series of videos customized to common searches relevant to your industry.

3) Mobile will be constantly in use

Mobile devices will be used always. For a number of users, it is the only device performing a number of functions. So, consider the increasing usage of mobile phones while devising your mobile strategy. Ensure that all the mobile channels such as your app, your mobile website and social platforms are accessible by everyone, from all locations and at all times.

4) Mobile will be vastly used for social activity

Large number of users access socialnetworking sites from their mobile devices. While publishing content on social media channels, ensure that your content is mobile optimized – the size of the image is not too big, text-amount is reasonable and has a link to the website with mobile version. A mobile-friendly content has a larger user base and is more successful.

5) Mobile devices are a better promotional tool

Mobile is already used largely for creating sales and in coming days, it will be used as a promotional tool in the form of push notifications, mobile coupons etc. This means, small firms should seriously consider investing in mobile advertisement, mobile apps and providing different promotions to the users through various channels.

FOMAX is a premier global offshore software development and information technology company, offering systems integration, consulting and outsourcing solutions to the clients of various business verticals.

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Mobile SEO – Different ways to ensure optimization of brand content

The advent of KitKat and Google’s new Hummingbird algorithm has forced firms and brands to outstretch their search marketing plans and strategies.

The increased focus on relevant content and mobile engagement with content has raised the need of long term content and SEO marketing. As per the opinion of readers, SEO can be more clearly defined as:

The long term process of improving a brand’s visibility in search and social throughout the buying cycle of prospect is known as SEO.

Mobile SEO – Different ways to ensure optimization of brand content

Mobile usage is causing a drift in search strategies

The number of mobile devices on this planet is expected to exceed the world’s population in near future. As per the data available on Wikipedia, there are around 6.8 billion mobile devices in between 7 billion people.

The brand managers and marketers should consider the difference between the user discoverability and engagement with brand content between a mobile and a desktop.

Moreover, voice or a conversational search occurs more frequently on a mobile device compared to that on a desktop. The behavior difference between the two types of searches should be studied.

This type of behavioral difference shows that focus should be given to –
  • Search keywords used
  • Way of consuming the content
  • Who is the searcher and who is using the content?
  • Stage of buying cycle
  • Difference in conversion rate

The use of mobile is increasing rapidly and mobile traffic to Google search engine will soon surpass the desktop traffic. Therefore Google is considering algorithm changes so that relevant results are given when a user performs any search through a mobile device.

Recent trends in mobile organic search

The data published by gShift shows the trend of organic search traffic across Yahoo, Bing and Google from January 2013 to October 2013. The figure shows that the organic search traffic from mobile devices has gone upwards from January 2013 to October 2013.
Recent trends in mobile organic search

Companies can capitalize on this trend in mobile organic search in five different ways:
1) Consider mobile organic search behavior in your SEO/Content marketing strategies
Ensure that mobility factor has been considered for conversion measurement and keyword research while executing your SEO or content marketing strategies.
Enquire that how your service provider will consider the trends in mobile organic search behavior and how they will measure the engagement and discoverability of content on a mobile device versus a desktop.
2) Increase your keyword research and tracking
Keyword performance tracking has become much more challenging due to the difference in searcher’s behavior. Further, the search performed from a mobile device is different from that performed through a desktop. So, a large number of keywords should be monitored for position change and discoverability in order to understand which content is majorly being discovered for a group of related keywords.
3) Keep a track of mobile segments in Google Analytics
In order to understand the actions taken by a searcher on their mobile devices and their engagement with your brand content versus desktop, keep a track of mobile segments in Google Analytics.
"Mobile and Tablet Traffic", "Mobile Traffic" and "Tablet and Desktop Traffic" are the built in segments to choose between in Google Analytics. You need to create a new segment for analyzing the behavior of only desktop users.
After creating the new segment select both the desktop and mobile segments to know the conversion rate differences between visitors from each source and then take the action accordingly to improve your brand content.
4) Content-Level and Page-Level Web Presence Analytics are key
Discoverability of content, reporting on the engagement and understanding where optimization opportunities exist need web page or content level analytics. Such metrics include social signals, page-specific backlinks and conversions.
Then choose the desktop traffic and mobile traffic segments to know if your brand content has high conversion rate on desktop or mobile.
5) Human factors affecting optimization
Various human factors testing across different devices should also be considered. A focus group should be set up to understand how people interact with the web presence of brand from mobile device and desktop and what keywords are being used to find the brand.