Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses: Trends to Follow

If you are under an impression that the age of mobile devices will soon go away then this could be the biggest mistake of your life.

Infact, mobile devices are gradually replacing the desktops. And to the utmost surprise, most of the web activity in 2013 is expected to drive in through mobile devices. Majority of web development and application development companies have reported that most of the onlinetraffic is coming through mobile devices. And this shows the increasing trend of mobile devices and its capabilities.

So, what startegy should small businesses follow in order to remain competitive? Mentioned below are the five trends that small companies should consider while deciding on their mobile strategy:

Mobile Strategy for Small Businesses

1) Mobile will be mostly used for local searches

Mobile phones are mostly used for performing local searches, which means, to find information in the neighbouring locality or within the user's zip code. Thus, mobile strategy of a small firm should be majorly oriented towards local users.

local searches

Firms should optimize their mobile websites for local zip codes and names of the neighbourhood. Also ensure that the information provided on some of the popular geographical search results such as Yelp, Google, etc. is accurate. Lastly, make sure that your address, directions to your address and your local map is easy to access.

2) People generally seek the help of mobile devices for video content

Mobile devices are mostly used to fetch video content rather than text heavy content. Video content is more popular on mobile devices due to its increasing video quality and data connection speeds. Firms can create simple videos relevant to their businesses and upload for mobile use.

Create a simple introductory video that can be played from the homepage of your website. It is even better to present a series of videos customized to common searches relevant to your industry.

3) Mobile will be constantly in use

Mobile devices will be used always. For a number of users, it is the only device performing a number of functions. So, consider the increasing usage of mobile phones while devising your mobile strategy. Ensure that all the mobile channels such as your app, your mobile website and social platforms are accessible by everyone, from all locations and at all times.

4) Mobile will be vastly used for social activity

Large number of users access socialnetworking sites from their mobile devices. While publishing content on social media channels, ensure that your content is mobile optimized – the size of the image is not too big, text-amount is reasonable and has a link to the website with mobile version. A mobile-friendly content has a larger user base and is more successful.

5) Mobile devices are a better promotional tool

Mobile is already used largely for creating sales and in coming days, it will be used as a promotional tool in the form of push notifications, mobile coupons etc. This means, small firms should seriously consider investing in mobile advertisement, mobile apps and providing different promotions to the users through various channels.

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