Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Fomaxtech is Engaged With Mobile Application Development

With the advent of smart phones including the iPhone in mind, the mobile application has become an important communication channel for the image of a company.
It becomes difficult to choose between all platforms and terminals not to mention the shelves that make their entries this year and the investment may become so if you want an application for each.
Fomaxtech is a company that specializes in mobile application development. iPad, Android and Blackberry, which allows us to offer mobile applications on each platform as quickly and inexpensively.
Fomaxtech work on the following platforms and They are with you every step of your project:
Solution for mobile/ netbook OSes

  • iPhone Application Development
  • Android Development
  • Blackberry Development
  • Windows Mobile Development
  • Symbian Development
  • Website Development
Why develop a mobile application?
As a company, you better be on this new media. This will allow you to:
  • Ahead of your competitors in this market
  • Enhance your brand image
  • Promote your services and products
  • Create a new revenue stream (advertising, Micro payments)
  • Establish a permanent link with your customers.
Whether for the Apple iPhone, to Palms, HP, smartphones to Android or Windows Phone 7, we can provide a comprehensive range of project, allowing you to achieve your goals on the or platforms of your choice, with the product that best suits your application.
Fomax Strength and Services Offers:
Specialist mobile: we control the problems associated with this new means of communication
Dynamic: We are reactive with respect to your requests
Efficiency: We develop only on mobile platform (Apple, Android)
Integration into your system: We integrate the necessary elements for communicating your system and your application.
Fomaxtech Services Offers:
From the trades of project management and business analysis, Fomax propose an analysis of your needs in order to better target the or moving targets corresponding to the best and the shaping of them.
From the expression on your needs, we offer a study comprising all or part of the following elements, depending on your application and your resources:
  • An analysis of competition in various markets moving.
  • A study of applications or services to develop to meet your needs.
  • Feasibility study by functionality, so that you have a clear vision of how to implement and has time to devote.
  • Specifications for your applications and services.
  • A planning type.
Whether you opt for our range of design, or you have you even done this work before, Fomax propose developments on key operating systems for mobile terminals of the walk: iOS Apple, Google Android, web OS HP-Palm, Windows Phone 7 from Microsoft, etc.. for a development application or mobile services.
In all scenarios, our offer is centered on a development application or service whose different stages are reflected by our team to provide you with quality products in an optimal time.
Applications which we ensure the development testers are obviously technically and operationally to respond to stresses qualities essential for a satisfactory user feedback.
Despite everything we offer additional testing to services or applications developed by your teams, and why you are looking to do exterior test batteries.
All our products are books with a period of technical support to you during the first moments of life of your new application.
If you have the need, we also offer an additional support offer top level, to answer questions from your users regarding the use of applications put in place.
Our aim is to support our customers over time. We handle your projects of mobile applications since the specification phase to the launch.
We can also guide you on your mobile strategy (ROI), help you promote your applications and hardware to achieve communication adapted, crucial for a successful launch.
Our success depends on the applications we develop!
If you want to develop an effective mobile business application, do not wait to contact us: +91- 80 - 25720700, 65701483

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