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Importance of mobile apps for business

Importance of mobile apps for business

Mobile devices have become an essential part of our life. It has brought a great revolution in the way people communicate and businesses work. A large number of businesses today cater to mobile devices. Web traffic drawn by mobile devices accounts for about 25% of the total internet traffic which makes it an important aspect for any business.

A study performed by ABI research shows that the revenue generated by mobile app market is nearly $30 billion. The mobile app market is growing and still has large number of untapped resources. This implies there is immense possibility of improvements, errors and opportunities unlike other markets.

Today, the customers have become mobile and this has increased their reliance on mobile application platforms for meeting the information needs. This is the reason why mobile apps have gained so much importance in today’s market.

Some of the biggest advantages of mobile apps in businesses are given below:

  • Increase your online visibility
  • Build brand loyalty
  • Increase your reach
  • Strengthen your brand
  • Increase availability across mobile devices
  • Increase return on investment
  • Connect to on-the-go customers

Mobile apps are not only beneficial to business owners but also for their target customers. Some of the advantages of mobile apps for customers are:

  • They can easily access your inventory
  • Customers can get your contact details just at one touch
  • They get notifications about discounts, launches, offers and special events.
  • Quick scheduling of appointments
  • Mobile apps can direct customers to your location

However, it is not necessary for all business verticals to have their own apps. For eg., if you run a consultancy firm then the app needed will mostly have collaboration tools instead of something that would allow public to reach to you. So, it is important to understand the importance of having a mobile app for a business first.

What is the purpose of mobile app for a particular business?

If you have decided to develop a business app for your business, then figure out, what is the purpose of it? Here arises the need of a proper mobile strategy. In order to develop a good mobile app, a mobile strategy is crucial so that businesses can identify the use of the app.  Another thing to consider is whether to choose a mobile website or a mobile app as each of this are customized for a different set of audience.

Which platform to choose?
The challenges involved in creating a mobile app are that the app market is closely fragmented. You have Android on one hand that powers large number of devices with different components and resolutions. On the other hand, iOS powers the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Some other less known platforms includes Blackberry, Bada, Windows Phone 8 and others. So it is very difficult to develop a mobile app that caters to individual applications. Thus, businesses prefer to choose Android, iOS or HTML5 paths.

Where to get mobile app created?
This is an important part which many business owners fail to understand. It is advisable to outsource the app to an established developer rather than relying on your IT department. If you have budget constraints, you can even hire freelancer developers. Choosing a right developer plays a very crucial role in developing a successful mobile app.

Thus, it is clear that today mobile apps are the need of almost every business. But one should know how to take the advantage of app for achieving the business goals.

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